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Shoes and Socks – How to Complete the Look

Nike Trainers with Nike Socks

Right, you’ll be no stranger to deliberating what jacket, jeans, t-shirt and most importantly, footwear. But we often forget about the good old socks. The days of just sticking to a plain black pair you can barely see because of your trousers, which had a good bit of bunch at the bottom, are over, my man. Choosing which shoes and socks to wear and how to style them can be quite an inconvenience for most gents, especially when it comes to what colour socks to wear with your white trainers. That’s where we come in…

Plain/Dress Socks

Your staples, your basics, your bread and butter – essentially, you won’t wear another sock when in some form of formal shoe. Standard black or even grey makes the best type of dress sock for if you’re working in an office or shooting off to a wedding.

The rule of thumb for the classic dress sock is pretty much the same – choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than the trousers you’re wearing. And stay away from the white socks with a suit; as good as a white sock is – it looks heinous.

Chunky Socks

If you like a little bit of texture in your socks but not too much, then a good chunky wool sock can add that extra something to your outfit. When’s the best time to wear this type of sock? Well, with a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of Dr Marten’s 1461 looks absolutely ideal. Stays away from the slightly plainer look of all-black as well.

Patterned Socks

It looks pretty jazzy, but patterned socks are actually not too bad at styling. White tee, black slim jeans and a pair of white Converse All Star Lo’s, and you’ve got yourself added a pop of colour to your everyday essential outfit. Alternatively, you could stick them on with a suit, Jon Snow of Channel 4’s new style, go bold or go home.

Beige Vans High Tops

White Socks

The absolute classic that’s seen somewhat of a renaissance in recent times – and not a minute too soon. A pair of white tube socks with some straight-fit chinos or jeans rolled up, showing off any pair of trainers your heart desires. Looking good while keeping your shoes sweat-free. Win/win, basically.

UGG Slippers with white socks

Ankle Socks

Want to get the ankles with a roll-up on the jean? Ankle socks are what you’re after. Giving off the impression that you don’t have any socks on, but they’re doing their job below the surface. These can come in the form of a just below the ankle, or if you want to go full incognito – a pair of invisible socks will give you the true shoes no socks look.

Wearing a pair of ankle grazers is best for, but the invisible ones will be ideal for both trainers and loafers.

Converse All Star Hi Platform with ankle socks

Well, there you have it, hopefully, that’s given you what you need to complete that outfit and pair up your shoes and socks just right. Just remember the old rule of thumb: if in doubt, keep it safe with black, but we all know you’re more creative than that. Check out our full range of socks here.