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Yes, You Can Wear Dr. Martens This Summer

One thing we can predict with a high level of confidence is that the British spring and summer time will not give us the wall-to-wall sunshine we want. As much as we may feel we deserve it after enduring what seems like endless months of drab winter weather, the chances are slim. Sorry to be the mongers of doom, but you know, weather.

Another nailed down certainty is that Dr. Martens will always have a cult like group of dedicated fans and we predict that they’re about to gain themselves some new devotees.

So, back to this summer – we will surely get some of those gloriously long, hazy, warm days. Probably not nearly as many as those ones where you can’t quite predict how the weather may turn though.

If such variety is the spice of life, a pair of summer Doc Martens are on hand to add a nice hot kick to your footwear choice.

An Iconic Look

The Eason Canvas are a prime example why Dr. Martens are a brand that have been loved by so many for over 50 years. They include design features that make them instantly recognisable as DMs; the branded pull tab and the yellow stripe which echoes the traditional stitching. There’s also the grooved sides to the air cushioned sole.

Such touches do make them reminiscent of the iconic 8 tie and 1460 boots. These were the models that saw the brand adopted as standard wear for those like posties and the Police who demanded a sturdy pair of boots. They were then staples of Punk and Skinhead wardrobes due to their distinctive looks but also versatility. They provided the wearer the opportunity to match them with a variety of expressive outfits that screamed rebel. All this helped to grow the cult like following.

Whilst these classic models are now lighter and more comfortable than ever, they’re still not everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to dressing for the summer.

This is where the Eason’s come in. They’re adaptable boots that are more suited to the months that should be sunnier, making them a must have for Dr Martens fans old and new.

There’s something brilliantly contrary about wearing a pair of boots in the warmer months and in burgundy canvas the Easons are prefect for the climate in this country. They’re fresh, vibrant, and light but still practical enough to stand up to those dreaded showers that can catch us unprepared.

Dr Martens Boots in White and Dr Martens Boots in Black

How to Wear Dr Martens in the Summer

Wondering how to style a pair of Eason canvas boots? You may want to show your punky side by rocking them with ripped skinny jeans (nice bit of ventilation in the warmer weather, right?). If you prefer a smarter style, you could wear either the burgundy or black versions with light coloured chinos, rolled up at the ankle to show off a bit more of these beauties.

But then again, when rocking your Doc Martens in the summer it’s all about how you use them to tee up a look that allows you show off your uniqueness. So go ahead, knock yourself out, match with absolutely anything you fancy wearing that day. At least you’ll know that you’ve got the right footwear to deal with anything the weather gods can throw your way.

If wearing boots after the clocks have gone forward sounds a bit too rogue for you, then check out the The Pressler Canvas. These are essentially the low top versions of the Easons and perhaps conform more to what we’d expect in a summer trainer. Of course, they won’t hold back your individuality as they will look great with…pretty much everything, leaving you free to make a statement with the rest of your clobber.

So, no matter if it turns out nice or is a bit of a damp squib this summer, you can be sure that a pair of Dr. Martens will enable you to dress from the feet up in a way that allows you to mix it up and show off your sense of individuality.