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Ah, remember back in the day when you were learning how to tie your shoelaces? From what we can remember, it was pretty tricky business. But now you’re a fully-fledged grown-up (or thereabouts) and have polished the basics, we reckon it’s time for you to go pro. We’ve trawled the world of lacing to bring your some of our favourite techniques; whether you’re looking for the most practical everyday style or something to stand out. You’ve got the shoes, now it’s time to lace!

Click each of the below images to take you straight to the how to video of your choice:

how to tie laces cross lacing on green shoes how to tie shoe laces lattice lacing on adidas gazelle shoes how to tie shoe laces straight lacing on dress shoes

How to Cross Lace

First up we have arguably the most popular technique – the humble cross lacing. We recommend this style for trainers but also for rugged boots. The cross lace makes it easy to loosen and tighten your shoes, which makes it super practical for everyday wear. This is also a great one to master if you’re ever in a rush, as can be proven in our lace against time blog.

How to Lattice Lace

Our next lacing trick is decorative lattice lacing. This style will convey you’re a lacing master when in fact it’s deceptively easy to do. Perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd, we find it works particularly well on trainers with thin laces such as the adidas Gazelle and on skate shoes.

How to Straight Lace

Third up, we have the minimalistic and easy straight lacing technique. If you’re on the lookout for a smart-looking way to thread formal shoes, this is the one to use.

We hope we’ve inspired you to up your lacing game and try out some new techniques. If you fancy treating yourself to a pair of new shoes (you need something to practise on, right?), check out our full women’s, men’s and kids’ range now – and don’t forget to keep checking back here and on our Youtube channel for new lacing videos being added soon.