May 29, 2015

Who are Confetti Crowd?

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Only the coolest blogging girl gang in the land. And good friends of schuh. We instantly fell in love with their fun, fearless attitudes to fashion (and life) and knew they were destined to be our solemates…

It was a fashion love story. The girls met through blogging and all loved each others’ style. Then one day, Heidi had the greatest idea… to start a blogging girl gang. A nice gang of course. The rest is currently making blogging history.

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schuh festival june calendar

One of our favourite things about the summer, festivals are a highlight. If you ever needed an excuse to spend a weekend in a field, socialising, being merry and seeing your favourite acts then this is it. Naturally, we start planning our outfits from the feet up well in advance, so this summer, we’ve decided to bring you a series of Festival Calendars to keep you up-to-date on what we’ll be wearing, and who we’re most excited to see at each outing. First up, we have Field Day, Isle of Wight, Download and Glastonbury – welcome to the June Edit.

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buying department

We thought it was time we introduced you to some of our impeccably stylish buying team here at schuh HQ. With their fingers firmly on the fashion pulse, they know where it’s at. From what’s going to be the next big thing, to trends, hot new brands and classics we should be holding on to. Take note.

Look out for their top picks on the blog and in our emails. In the meantime, meet the buyers…

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yespadrille womens espadrilles blog post images

Rope yourself the perfect summer shoe with ease – the classic espadrille is back and it’s looking better than ever. From espadrille wedges to our fave ethical Toms espadrilles, there’s something for everyone.

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toms one day without shoes initiative 2015 image of schuh head office staff outside with bare feet

Spot the folks at the back who want their feet in the shot…

Toms believe in creating a world where we live for one, another. One Day Without Shoes is an amazing annual initiative by the company which seeks to raise global awareness for children’s health and education. For their 8th year, they decided to shake things up a little and extend the event over 2 whole weeks. For 2015, all folks had to do was take a quick snap of their bare feet, post it on Instagram with #withoutshoes and they pledged to honour every picture by donating a new pair of shoes to children in need for each one posted. The brand with the big heart already gives 365 days a year with each product purchased as part of their inspiring One for One business model, but for these 2 weeks – no purchase was necessary.

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Verka Serduchka singing and performing Dancing Lasha Tumbai at eurovision 2007 in silver glittery costumes

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We’re unashamedly excited that it’s almost that time of year again. The time of year where lots of European (and some not so European *cough Australia cough*) countries take to the stage to perform in all their glitzy, cheesetastic glory. If you’re hosting a Eurovision party this Saturday, or will be in attendance at one, we say why stop there with the enthusiasm? We reckon you should really get into the swing of things by creating a strong look, reminiscent of past Eurovision performances.

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womens black and multi-coloured Flex appeal Style trainers from Skechers

Founded in 1992, Californian company Skechers has taken the world by storm with their stylish footwear designs that fuse comfort and fashion perfectly. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of them already, perhaps a friend mentioning they’ve just bought the comfiest shoes on the planet, or something along those lines? Or maybe you’ve seen the likes of Kelly Brook, Demi Lovato and Ringo Starr rocking a pair or two? You can take a solid guess then, that they’re easily one of our bestsellers here at schuh, along with one of the most reviewed brands (people love telling us how much they enjoy ‘em). Not to confuse them with ‘Sketchers‘, if you’re interested in finding out what makes them so special, read on to learn more about our most popular styles.

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So, we’ve looked at the triple white trend – and yeah, you guessed it, it’s time to flip reverse it and look at our triple black selection. The two go hand in hand really. All black trainers continue to be the basic staple when it comes to sneakers. From simple black skate shoes to layered, textured and mixed materials – there’s an all black silhouette to suit every style.

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image of Vans steve van dorens award he recieved from the skateboarding hall of fame in May 2015 made from embossed metal

Whilst skating may not be his forte, there’s no mistaking that Steve Van Doren has made huge contributions to shaping the skate scene and its culture. On May 14th 2015, The International Skateboarding Hall of Fame (ISHOF) honoured the legend by awarding Steve with the prestigious Icon Award. Who is Steve Van Doren I hear you ask? Read on for a quick intro of the Vans legend.

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women's gladiator sandals

Working at schuh HQ has loads of perks. Getting to see the best of the product as it arrives definitely has to be one of them. When these tall, fringed, tan suede gladiator sandals marched in, I was instantly picturing myself walking along, looking all tanned, enjoying the sun in some foreign country. Of course, in this daydream I was also 5 ft. 11” with Victoria’s Secret model legs. It’s my daydream. I’m allowed.

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