Almost everyone is a fan of well-worn, pretty beat up trainers. While we enjoy nothing more than scuffing up our favourites, sometimes they need a clean up. Whether it’s Sunday Dinner at your grandparent’s house (in their day, you would have been in full sunday best) meeting the in-laws or even a casual job interview, knowing how to clean suede shoes will be a valuable string to your bow. That’s where we come in.

We’ve already showed you how best to clean white Converse, freshen your UGG boots and how to bring your Hunter Wellies back to their best, so you could say we’re becoming seasoned pros at the whole cleaning business.

All you’ll need to follow our handy 3-minute video (it’s actually only 2 minutes 30… not that we like to brag) are the following tools –

You’ll also need a pretty messed up pair of suede shoes, like the adidas Hamburg we have in the video. We’re sure you’ll have them already.

If you’re feeling inspired to clean up your act – we mean with shoes – then you can shop the rest of our shoe care here. Let us know what you think of our how-to section – are there any pressing queries you’d like us to answer? Our wish is your command – if you submit it as a comment and we can help, that is.