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Introducing Converse Renew: Because Life’s Too Short to Waste

Fast fashion is out of fashion – you’ve probably heard. That’s why our friends at Converse have decided to craft their Converse Renew collection, and we think it’s pretty nifty.

Sustainable sneakers

Imagine your favourite Converse Chuck Taylor Ox and High Top styles but made from 100% recycled materials with some cool slogans across them and you’d be pretty much spot on. Using a selection of neutral colourways and creating unisex styles, Converse know that there’s always a way to renew what you do.

In essence, that’s what this whole sustainability thing is all about. We should be taking what we have and turning it into something fresh that we can love for a little longer. Not just because David Attenborough says so – but because it’s the right thing to do.

So, how do they make these eco-friendly, low-impact, trendy kicks then? Well, it all starts with used plastic bottles, 11 of them go into every pair. Once they’ve been ground down into flakes, the material is spun out and this creates a recycled polyester material. The signature Regrind outsole is made, and the finishing touches are applied.
The classic Converse patch stays – but the metal eyelets have been ditched in favour of a stitched alternative.

Touch it, feel it, wear it – we bet you won’t know the difference. Except that you’ll look good and feel good knowing you’re giving waste a second life. It’s the same classic Chuck Taylor style, bottled.

If you don’t believe us, why not take a look at Converse Renew for yourself?