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Nine Things You Probably Didn’t Know About New Balance

New Balance 530 in White on Ratan Effect Table

Everybody knows that New Balance is running royalty and a favourite of the fashion-forward, but you might not have heard about the brand’s partnerships with FC Porto and Lille football clubs, which means they’re now kind of a big deal in football. Here are nine other things you probably didn’t know about New Balance.

  1. It’s 118 years old this year – that’s a lot of candles.
  2. It was founded in Boston by British immigrant (and trainer entrepreneur) William Riley who was living in America, so has British roots dating back to 1906. However, the brand didn’t actually begin manufacturing in the UK until the 1970s, and it still does today.
  3. The inspiration for New Balance came from chickens and how they balance on three claws. Random, but a true fact.
  4. It started life as an arch support company, expanding into footwear around 1960. These arch supports sold for $5 a pair, which was a lot, but people paid it because what they got was high quality. Quality and value for money have always been key to the brand.
  5. In a proper retro fashion, the product was sold by a charming travelling salesman called Arthur Hall.
  6. The famous N logo didn’t make an appearance until the 1970s, when the 320 launched. It has been on every style since.
  7. Former President Bill Clinton was a fan and used to pair his 1500s with short shorts. He’s not the only American President known to sport them either, with Barack Obama getting his own custom pair of 990s made before he was elected for his second term.
  8. In 1985 they partnered with LA Lakers forward James Worthy in a million-dollar contract and released the Worthy P740. He was later caught soliciting and swiftly given his P45.
  9. The building that houses the brand’s Boston HQ, a centre of innovation, is shaped like a chicken foot…

Now you know all about the brand, all that’s left to do is shop your new pair. Pick up styles like the 327, 480, 530, or 550 today!

New Balance 327 styles in Blue, Green, and Yellow