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How to Clean Hunter Wellies – the Rubber Care Kit Guide

Hunter Wellies in Pink on Pink Background

So, it’s come to the end of summer. We’re not sure about you, but we definitely don’t think this has been the best yet. We’ve seen quite a fair bit of rain, which has meant our old faithful Hunter wellies have had a good few outings – even more than normal for festival season. If your prized welly boots have now seen better days – don’t worry. We’re here with the best guide on how to remove chalky white marks and dirt and bring them back to their former glory with our care kit guide on how to clean Hunter Wellies.

Not many people realise that rubber (that makes up your wellingtons and keeps your feet nice and dry) is a natural material, which means that, on occasion, it can lose its gloss. This phenomenon is called ‘blooming’, and Hunter (the premier wellies specialist by Royal appointment, no less) knows all about this. They’ve created a handy rubber care kit that can help your boots shine again – we’ve shown you how best to use it in the above video.

What You’ll Need:
– Hunter Rubber Care Kit
– Old Hunter Boots
– Clean Water
– Sponge

Sponge off any dried dirt with clean water.
Repeat for the other boot. Leave to fully dry.

Spray the Hunter Rubber Buffer from 15cm away to one section of the boot. Use the Hunter kit cloth to wipe dry and buff. Continue cleaning in sections until you’ve covered the boot. Make sure you wipe dry any excess liquid. Repeat for the other boot and leave to fully dry.

Use the Hunter Boot Shine to gently polish the boot. Using circular motions, gently go over the whole boot. Repeat for the other boot.

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