So, we’re guessing you’re here because you’re part of the UGG Australia fan club, but don’t worry – you’re definitely in good company. From the iconic UGG Australia Classic Short in chestnut to the brand’s more trend-driven silhouettes; we’re hook, line, and sinker in love with the boots that keep our tootsies comfy, as well as super stylish. We have the ultimate guide to explain how to protect and clean your UGG Australia booties and leave them smelling fresh.

The only problem with this winning combo, is that we’re perhaps a little guilty of wearing them…all the time. But fear not fashion lovers, for if you have found yourselves in a position where you have snug feet but less than fresh UGG Australia boots, the brand have you covered with their amazing Sheepskin Care Kit.


UGG Australia Sheepskin Care Kit

Perfect for all sheepskin styles, the kit includes; a sheepskin cleaner and conditioner to kick dirty marks to the curb, a sheepskin protector to ward off further damage, a sheepskin freshener to banish those shearling lining odours (it gets hot in there, we’re all human) and a handy brush with a contrasting stone back to revive the fabulous natural lustre of your UGG Australia boots.

And whilst we don’t want to sound like your mother (although we’re sure she’s a lovely woman), we think it’s a really good idea you give our how-to-guide video a quick watch so you’re 100% clued up on how to use the kit. We not only give you the low down on how to use the UGG sheepskin cleaner but also the protector and conditioner. A video you can’t live without.

So there you go folks, there’s no need to lose your cool if you misjudge the depth of a puddle or your cute dog takes a muddy paw to your premium suede. What’s more, if you have a fellow UGG Australia addict in your life, this kit makes a fantastic gift – just FYI.