schuh 2015 shop front

The fact that you’re reading this blog tells a few things about you. You like shoes, you like shopping for them and you like reading about them. You’re in the right place. We know shoes.

We reopened our Bluewater store with the new concept last week. Here are 5 things you should know about our new store design:

schuh Bluewater store front inspired by contemporary artists

1. It’s art inspired
We’re pretty arty here at schuh, so our overall design was inspired by the work of contemporary artists Aakash Nihalani and Will Dorner. Both artists are known for bold use of bright colours and geometric shapes in their work.

schuh store's wall of accessories

2. It now has more accessories than you can shake a fanny pack at
We have a whole new section dedicated to accessories. That means a whole wall of socks, bum bags, back packs, hats and more. Deck yourself out.

schuh Bluewater carrying over 2000 styles of shoes

3. There are over 2000 styles
Because everyone is different, we now carry over 2000 styles, giving you more choice than ever before. More brands, more sports, more heels, more of everything to satisfy your shoe needs.

schuh store digital kiosk enables mobile payment, cutting queues

4. No more queuing
For real – our staff now carry mobile payment devices, so you can pay anywhere and skip waiting in line, cause nobody got time for that!

schuh store's interior made from sustainable materials

5. Eco friendly – we got that
Our store was created using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials because that’s important to us.

Happy shopping, shoe lovers!