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So it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s a Tuesday. Don’t have a date lined up just yet? Whether you have someone in your sights or are still searching through that app on your phone, use all the love in the air (and the resulting anxiety amongst singletons) to your advantage, along with our (sorta) helpful tips on how to pull, to secure yourself some company over a candlelit dinner this Saturday night.

Tip 1: Strengthen your GIF game on Tinder

We know it can be awkward and difficult to come up with that all important opening line on the old Judge Rinder. Some people totally accept a humble “Hi” as an adequate way to start a convo, whilst others explicitly express in their profile that they simply won’t reply to such a boring attempt at a chat up. And that’s where the magic of GIFs (and the GIPHY keyboard) step in…The saying goes that a picture paints a thousand words, so just imagine what could be achieved through an animated picture. We’ve gone to the liberty of choosing a few opening GIFS to get you started:

hello awkward hey flirting yo

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cute hello hi welcome flirting

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Tip 2: Declare your intentions publicly on social media

Sometimes the best way is the ballsy way. Why get your friend to tell your crush that you’re into them when you can publicly announce it on Twitter – and better yet – tag their place of work so all their colleagues can let them know too.

Tip 3: Make an effort

Regardless if the H by Hudson Benedict shoes or the Missguided Perspex Rounded Strap high heels are your kinda thang or nah, you get the idea. Fix up look sharp (in whatever way that means to you) and just generally make an effort. No one is overly keen on someone who doesn’t shower or change into clean clothes on the daily…just something to keep in mind.

mens burgundy leather H by Hudson formal shoes and womens Missguided Perspex Rounded Strap high heels

Tip 4: Wear your heart on your sleeve shoes

Why yes, this is another plug at the shoes we sell, but aren’t they just so fitting for this time of year? Truth time though; if you do want your crush to take notice and potentially become more than a friend (or a stranger you stare longingly at on the tube everyday) it’s time to be more vocal about it. If you keep distant and aloof forever, they’ll either never be yours or will never be yours plus they’ll start to refer to you as that creep who stares at them on the tube every morning to their friends.

Tip 5: Buy this adorable bear for your beau

If none of those tips are appealing to you, our last offering is to purchase this charming teddy bear from Firefox for your sweetheart. Super classy, job done.

Although if you’d rather not waste a penny on someone else, go ahead and treat yo’ self by checking out our women’s new in and men’s new in now. Alternatively you can further your Valentine’s Day reading with our shoe-themed dating app, Footsie. Happy Valentine’s Day!