What do you mean different things to do in your pool slides we hear you saying? Just kick about in them round the pool on holiday surely? Nah nah behave yourself – if there’s a more versatile shoe out there, catering to all sorts of daily tasks, then we’d like to see one. Ignited your interest? Too right, so take a look at our 6 different things you can do in your pool slides and wonder why you haven’t got a pair of these for already for all your daily needs.

1. Hang Out the Washing

You know how it is, you don’t want to either be putting your shoes on properly or just sliding into them and breaking the back of them. The latter more probable if the rain comes on and you need to get that washing in before you get a right ear full. See if you had a pair of sliders you’ve saved precious seconds and the backs of shoes. No brainer.

 2. Taking Care of Pests

Right we’ve all been there – there’s an insect flying/crawling about while you’re trying to catch up on the latest episode of The Bill. You can’t concentrate properly and it’s making you uneasy. Gone are the days you would roll up the TV magazine (presumably) and go to town on the victim. Well if you’re wearing your pool slides all the time in the house, as you should be, then this alleviates that problem. Straight off the foot and straight onto slapping your little/big pest. Whatever you consider a pest is up to you…best not to use them on the kids though eh.

NB: No animals were hurt in the making of this post.

3. Slap Them Together

Aw what a time you’ll have doing this. Both a treat for the ears and your own, along with others around you, enjoyment – need to attract someone attention? Here’s your answer. Sore hands from too much clapping? Not a problem. Honestly, it’s some laugh.

4. Frisbee

Real hot day and you’re down at the park, and you and your mates are getting a bit jealous of people playing games. It’s happened to us all, its fine don’t worry about it – slip off one of your slides and just throw it around. Throwing and catching a flip flop, you’ll have the time of your life.

5. Hold My Beer

So you’re on holiday on the beach and you’ve got yourself a nice cold beer. Sounds delicious yeah? Wrong. Where do you put it? Try placing it down on the sand and you’ll end up with a soaking wet towel stinking of beer and an empty bottle – nightmare. Dig a hole in the sand and you’ll end up with a sandy bottle – barking. Right, so pop your beer in your pool slide and make yourself a stand in the sand – problem solved.

6. Take Your Phone in the Pool

Love lying down playing on the phone at home, love lying down playing on the phone on holiday – except you’re outside in a pool. Where do you put the phone when you’ve had enough for 5 minutes? Most pool slides are lightweight and float, if you didn’t know already, so lay your phone down on it when not using it and have a right good lie down on the lilo in peace. This works equally well in the bath so all year round fun here.

Disclaimer: Probably best to make sure your phone is waterproof before doing this.

Inspired? You should be! Grab yourself a pair of versatile, fun, outstanding pool slides and have yourself a right old knees up.