womens schuhc block heels in tan and black

Sensible shoes seem to be a thing of late. Whether it’s your go-to plimsolls, your favourite flats or your comfort-loving gym shoes, the thought of going anywhere in stilettos sounds painful. Thankfully, the block heel is back; a stylish statement, a bit of added height and that solid comfort we all cry out for. Ladies, Welcome to the block party.

It’s a party we’re surely not going to miss out on, our RSVPs are in the post and this current obsession with sensible shoes is one we’re already on board with – ‘cause you know, trainers all day ‘err-day. But sometimes, we ladies love to make an effort, dress up a little. After all, it’s something we’re pretty good at and don’t really need an excuse for. It’s just nice to feel nice sometimes. Why should we put our dainty little feet through horrific pain just to look the part when we have the trusty, charmingly chunky soul mate who’ll always pick you up and make you feel on top of the world – yip, the block heel – it wins every time.

Not only is it versatile, it’s got stacks of style, it supports those little ankles and offers the perfect amount of extra height without compromising any sort of comfort. Here are some of our very own charmingly chunky yet sensible favourites to start your summer shoe collection the right way.

womens schuh black reminisce and tan lingo block heels [Shop Reminisce in black]                               [Shop Lingo in tan]

Firstly, let’s Reminisce about how easier life would have been last summer if this beauty was in our lives. It’s stylishly chic, super comfy and that block heel just raises the game a little. Thanks to schuh, there’s no need to feel cagey about sore feet on a night on the town again. Now all you need to do is get down with the Lingo, and that’s easy – just let your feet do the talking with this strappy gladiator sandal. It comes in tan and black, the choice is yours. We’re really feeling those Roman vibes this summer.

womens schuh ever changing tan black heels

[Shop Ever Changing in tan]

Up next, the Ever Changing is a block heel staple and it’s here to stay. Go from day to night without even thinking twice. And, it’s especially perfect for us tall ladies, you can embrace your height without the ‘how’s the weather doing up there’ joke being played by some short ass at the bar.

womens schuh risk it ankle boot block heels

[Shop Risk It in tan]

Finally, don’t Risk It; give your feet a break, the high heels can stay at home for the time being. Believe us; you’ll definitely make the right choice stepping out in this cute tan ankle boot. With cut-out details and a few extra inches, schuh take your style game to some new heights.

The block heel is here to stay and a party we’re eager to attend. Turn up the music we’re dancing ‘til dawn. Explore the rest of our women’s block heels and you can thank us later.