2015 is all about the Converse Chuck Taylor. The iconic style is the sneaker of choice for artists, rappers, skaters, rebels, fashionistas, individuals and originals everywhere. Why do we love the Chuck Taylor so much? It’s simple really; you make the Chucks your own.

There’s nothing quite like the box fresh feeling you get when you step into a clean new pair of Chucks (nothing worse for some of you, who like to get them looking roughed up and worn in immediately). Then comes the fun part – wearing them in, dancing, running, walking, painting in them or painting on them.  You live your life in your Chucks.


The All Star Chuck Taylor was designed in 1917

Chucks were only available in black or white until 1971 when the first coloured designs became available

According to the Guinness World records, Joshua Mueller from Washington, USA holds the largest collection consisting on 1546 pairs (and counting…)

We want to see how you wear your Chucks. Do you customise them? Do you like yours pristine and clean, or do you wear them until they fall apart at the seam? Show us your Chucks (box fresh or well loved) by posting a snap of them on Instagram and using the #schuh and #chucktaylor