converse andy warhol marilyn monroe hi top trainers at schuh in black and pink for women and men

What springs to mind when we mention the name Andy Warhol?

A colourful Marilyn Monroe print?


Andy Warhol , Marilyn Diptych, 1962

A pale dude who knew early on that the black-on-black with shades combo is a winner?


A song by David Bowie?

Even if it’s none of the above, we can make a sure bet you’re definitely familiar with the name. For those who are a fan of the pop art legend and enjoy a nice pair of Converse, boy do we have some exciting news for you. Let’s take a little art history detour first, shall we?

Arguably the leading figure of the pop culture movement, the late Andy Warhol is responsible for embracing consumerism to create works of art that glorify every day, mass-produced objects such as Coca-Cola bottles and Campbell’s Soup Cans:

andy-warhol-coca-cola-5-bottles-1962-print-in-black-green-and-red-with branding

Andy Warhol, Coca-Cola 5 Bottles, 1962


Campbell’s Soup Cans, Andy Warhol, 1962

He caused a bit of a scandal and a lot of art critics weren’t too impressed with his work – but Warhol was too busy being the coolest kid in New York and making an obscene amount of money to really care about what they had to say. With that in mind, one day in 1984-6, Warhol famously used the Chuck Taylor All Star as a blank canvas and platform for self-expression. He silkscreened the iconic silhouette with the message being received that we should ignore convention and be whatever we want to be.

To pay homage to the legend, Converse collaborated with The Andy Warhol Foundation back in 2015 to create a collection of wearable art featuring some of the artist’s most iconic prints – and we’ve been lucky to nab some of the styles from the ongoing partnership:

First up, we had the Converse Chuck Taylor Warhol Hi (NOW SOLD OUT). One of the artist’s most recognizable pieces of work, the Campbell’s Soup Cans screen print featured singularly on the hi-top silhouette:


Converse Chuck Taylor Warhol Hi trainers

We also had the Converse All Star Warhol Oxford (NOW SOLD OUT). The low-rise version featured a monochrome layered pattern of the Campbell’s Soup Cans screen print that adds depth and dimension, a common technique used by Warhol:


Converse All Star Warhol Oxford trainers

Then we were treated to the Converse All Star Warhol Banana Oxford (NOW SOLD OUT). Taking inspiration from the infamous cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico’s debut album, the banana print on these sneakers sadly didn’t peel off to reveal the naked fruit, but from a functionality point of view, that was probably for the best really:

converse all star warhol banana oxford trainers for women and men leather with rubber toe cap

Converse All Star Warhol Banana Oxford

But don’t be downhearted if you didn’t manage to acquire any from the previous drops, we now have two freshly landed styles for you to get your hands on. The Converse All Star Hi Warhol Marilyn (top image) and the Converse All Star Ox Warhol Marilyn (below) both take reference from the artist’s Marilyn Diptych piece. Created in 1962 after the movie icon’s tragic barbiturates overdose, the portrait of the star used as a basis by Warhol was a publicity photograph from the 1952 film Niagara.

converse andy warhol mailyn monroe all star ox trainers for women in pink and black fabric

Converse All Star Ox Warhol Marilyn

So there we have it, who needs a spare £15 million for an original Andy Warhol when you can wear his art on your feet? Check out all these plus our full Converse range now.