Sometime in the 17th Century Sir Isaac Newton came up with the law of universal gravitation. Here in the modern day we wanted to defy that law using Newton’s Dr Martens namesake, because well we’d been engrossed in a marathon of Myth Busters the night before and we just really wanted a field trip to the warehouse.

How Light is the Dr Martens Newton?

To give you some context, we didn’t just randomly pick out the Dr Martens Newton 8 Eye boot solely because it looked decent. The 300g boot is actually a third lighter than the classic Dr Marten’s 8 Tie. How light actually is that we hear you asking? Well it turns out that it’s actually lighter than:

  • 2 standard tubs of Pringles
  • A large can of hairspray
  • A regular Frappuccino from Starbucks
  • 301g of feathers

The Balloon Test

Now we could pretend that it took us one try at doing this, it didn’t, but the main thing is we got there in the end. The problem we had the first few times was that we forgot we lived in the UK where the weather isn’t made for playing about with balloons and we got carried away with how many balloons we would need after watching UP. I mean if a few balloons could carry a full house, a few balloons would lift up a shoe no problem surely? Nope.

dr martens newton boots taking off

This time though we thought we’d go proper scientific and mathematical. We worked out that we’d need twenty one 16inch balloons, and enough helium to fill those balloons. Bearing in mind, we didn’t realise that helium was potentially a depleting resource. What would you rather though, using helium to maintain a low temperature for the Large Hadron Collider or to watch us lift up a Dr Martens boot with balloons? No brainer obviously.

Enjoyed our gravity defying, myth busting experiment so much you want to get yourself into a pair? Then check out our Dr Martens Newton 8 Eye Boots and our full range of Dr Martens here.