Oh My Glob! Look what’s landed – yip, another wonderful collection of your favourite and most popular characters from the hit cartoon Adventure Time. The Dr Martens collaboration continues and it’s something you really don’t want to miss out on, not this time for sure. Lets take a peek.

The cult cartoon follows the adventures of best friends Finn and Jake the shape shifting dog as they make their way through the mythical land of Ooo. Previous designs proved super popular, even with the little ones, including Finn the Human (low in stock), Marceline the Vampire Queen (out of stock) and of course Jake the Dog (low in stock). Who was your favourite? It really was a tough choice. We loved them all.

Dr Martens Adventure Time Boots

This time, Dr Martens make it even more impossible to choose. The Lumpy Space Princess, the Ice King, as well as many other crazy characters team up with your favourite Dr Martens profiles, bringing your some A/W treats.

dr martens lilac adventure time princess boots at schuh

Shop | Dr Martens Adventure Time Princess Boot

The Lumpy Space Princess is one of the most reoccurring princesses on the show and we don’t blame you if the sassy, attention-seeking cloud-like character makes it onto your feet at every occasion possible. Just look at her; she’s lilac, she’s lumpy and she’s got a whole lot of attitude – she’s even got a floating 3D star. Now if that doesn’t win you over, we don’t know what will. She loves being the centre of attention and now you can join her in true princess style.

dr martens white and blue 939 adventure time ice king boots at schuh

Shop | Dr Martens 939 Adventure Time Ice King Boot

He may be 1000 years old and a little misunderstood but we can’t help but love the Ice King. Yes, he’s lonely, perceived as a villain and has a bit of a short-temper, but the Ice King only hopes of marrying a princess. So, although you might not become his wife, this bearded, blue-skinned character merits a place in your Autumn/Winter boot collection, giving him the loving relationship he deserves.

dr martens multi castel adventure time toon boots at schuh

Shop | Dr Martens Castel Adventure Time Toon Boot

So, when you can’t decide on a favourite character, why not represent them all at once. The Castel Toon pays homage to Finn the Human and all the wonderfully familiar faces from the Land of Ooo. It’s quirky, it’s cute and it’s about time you had it on your tootsies.

Having been at the Dr Martens factory, we know these boots are ace from the ground, up. While we can’t promise wearing these boots will transport you to Candy Kingdom to chill with Princess Bubblegum or have you locked in a battle with the Ice King (probably for the best, really) – we can assure that wearing them out and about will have more than one person shouting: “Oh my glob!” at your feet when they see them.

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