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All the way from the sunny climes of California, two brothers, Josh and Brandon Brubaker, decided to create their own sneaker style using clean cut silhouettes and premium materials. Now these boys weren’t novices to the world of trainers, after spending two decades working with some of the biggest trainer companies around, they were outside together, on a nice, clear day (we’ll assume) and decided to start up their own brand. Hence Clear Weather was born.

The Californian brand aims to deliver vintage-inspired designs with a futuristic, contemporary vibe. Styles such as the One-O-One arriving in a light grey suede colourway includes features like the bold, fringe styling that emphasises the forward thinking style of the brand.

clear weather light grey suede one-o-one trainers


So, picture the awkward moment when the vintage inspired silhouettes with a futuristic feel, are taken to heart by Justin Bieber. I mean would the Brubaker brothers want old Biebs being their unintentional brand ambassador? Who can say? But he’s certainly got that futuristic vibe here, wearing a pair of Clear Weather trainers on a hover board while buying a hot beverage.


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Doesn’t really get much more futuristic than that eh? Let’s not hope that sweet boy is not riding that in the UK, we know he’s a bit of a loose cannon but come on Justin think of the children mate.

Here he is again wearing the Clear Weather One-O-One’s in white while out getting himself a Subway meal deal. No plastic bag for the sandwich as well, so kind to the Earth is Justin. Look at that steez though, exactly what the brothers were picturing on that warm, extremely clear day lying on the grass brainstorming their new brand venture. When does a massively oversized Marylyn Manson t-shirt and large cotton short not look good though?

If Justin hasn’t made you instantly want to rush onto the website and buy yourself a pair, The Santora and The Eighty styles might tickle your fancy, they’re Justin free as well so don’t let him put you off lads. He does enjoy a footlong meal deal though, so we can’t guarantee he won’t be spotted enjoying a sandwich in these.

clear weather black suede santora trainers with gum sole


clear weather black leather the eighty trainers


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