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The last time we took a trip down the rabbit hole, we had an enormous amount of fun. This time we climb back into Wonderland with Irregular Choice to invite you to another enchanting world of dreams with their second collection. Your favourite characters from Disney’s animated Alice in Wonderland promise themselves more fantastical prints, a whole lot of sequins and even more glitter. The wait is over, Irregular Choice X Alice in Wonderland have arrived.

A pretty blonde girl with a spectacular ability to rock a blue dress and white pinafore combo once said that all the best people are entirely bonkers, and we like to agree. We also believe this translates to shoes; why go boring when you can go bold? Fans of Irregular Choice know their beloved brand have had this mentality from the very beginning, astounding us with glitter-fuelled, print-popping, intricately embellished show-stoppers since 1999. From tempting us to the dark side with their Star Wars collaboration back in 2015, the brand entices us to fall down an extraordinary rabbit hole with them in 2016.

Ladies (and gentlemen – you work those heels, sir) are you growing curiouser and curiouser? We most certainly are. The White Rabbits clock is ticking, so don’t be late for this very important date. You might miss your chance to get your hands on this wonderful collection.

What are you waiting for, lets delve into the land of fantasy and befriend the peculiar creatures that Alice meets throughout her travels amongst the fabulous collection of Irregular Choice.

womens irregular choice my cup of tea high heels

womens irregular choice alice in wonderland my cup of tea high heel

With a generous helping of pink sparkly glitter and adorably pretty bows, this absolute beauty is perfect for the next Mad Hatters Tea Party, the Irregular Choice My Cup Of Tea allows your feet to do all the talking, even when the table chat gets too confusing.

womens irregular choice alice in wonderland tick tock low heels

womens irregular choice alice in wonderland tick tock low heels

With the Irregular Choice Tick Tock, you’ll never be late for those very important dates. These luxurious low heels will have you arriving to the party in perfect time – you’ll be showing off how wonderfully peculiar these Alice-inspired gems are, all night long.

womens irregular choice alice in wonderland heres a riddle flats womens irregular choice aline in wonderland heres a riddle flats


Every adventure requires a first step, the Irregular Choice Here’s A Riddle will ensure you put your best foot forward and take a step in the right direction. But which road will I take, we hear you ask – where do you want to go… you don’t know? Then, it doesn’t matter because these utterly fabulous slipper style flats will lead the way, leaving you with a curious feeling everyone is staring at your feet.

Still feeling curious? Check out our full women’s Irregular Choice range now.