Reebok is a major player in the worldwide sneaker game, and right now they’re winning. From the Pump and the Disc to the Classic, and everything in between, we‘ve all owned (and loved) a pair at some point. I bet you, your mum or sister had the Freestyle in the 80s, or even the early 90s. Or were you more of a Classic fan, yeah?

Although the brand has had its ups and downs over the years, it always manages to make its way back to the top. Right now, for example, the Reebok Classic is a street style favourite, and the Furylite, an alternative hipster trainer of choice.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering where it all began. Well, here’s a brief brand history.

It all started in Bolton, where the Foster family, who had a long history in running shoe manufacturing, were among the first to create running spikes. The family, headed by Joseph W. Foster, were pioneers in running tech and their spikes were worn by runners and Olympians worldwide. You could say they nailed it.

In ’58, two of his grandkids decided to start Reebok as an offshoot of the company. They wanted to develop new designs and start taking on the big boys in the world of sports brands. They named their new brand after an African gazelle to represent speed, style and grace.

Things kicked off reasonably well but it wasn’t until shoe salesman Paul Fireman came across it at a trade show in the late 70s. Fireman saw the huge potential and took the brand to the USA, where it was a straight up smash hit.

Reebok transformed the fitness industry with ground-breaking shoe technology, hundreds of styles, sportswear lines and by launching the first trainer designed specifically for women – the Freestyle. They supported the world’s elite athletes and even collaborated with Jay Z.

As Creative Director and sneaker aficionado Glenn Kitson put it: “Reeboks are shoes for tough kids, casuals, chancers and ravers. Worn in nightclubs, warehouses and muddy fields dancing under the stars. They’ve been there. From the terraces to the pub. From university student union drum & bass nights to dancehalls in Peckham. From park life to reused industrial art spaces. And from Dalston to the Northern Quarter.”

Here are three of our most wanted Reebok styles for SS15.

white reebok classic trainers

The Classic White – men’s and women’s


The Classic Lemon

reebok furylite neon multicolour trainers

The Furylite – men’s and women’s

Header image courtesy of Retrobok Files