Converse Auckland Racer green and pink trainers

Retro runners are big news and they continue to make their way out of the archives on onto the feet of people everywhere. From long lost adidas silhouettes to near-forgotten Nikes, vintage-inspired runners are a timeless wardrobe essential.

Now we know trainers have always been a style staple, but the retro look is huge just now and there’s no denying it. Just look at any fashion week or festival coverage from around the globe and you’ll to see tons of models, fashionistas, fans and musicians sporting a vintage vibe. There’s more of an anything goes attitude to trainers now than an ‘off duty’ one.

While the tech trainer movement remains strong, there is a definite thirst for a more retro feel. There’s just something about the low profile, minimal branding and colourways that these retro runners bring that’s appealing to us more than ever before.

The most popular vintage silhouettes have a simple and basic feel to them that makes them easy to wear. It’s that easy to add a splash of old school cool to your outfit, whatever your look may be.

The new old school favourites


Rumour has it, the Converse Auckland Racer was inspired by legendary running man Arthur Lydiard who is credited with making jogging for fitness ‘a thing’.  Whether you run in them or not, they’re easy on the eye in a pretty mint green and purple colourway.


Originally a long distance shoe, the Internationalist was launched in 1982 at the New York marathon. It has become one of the most simple, iconic, retro running silhouettes. The soft and subtle colourways are perfect for the vintage silhouette.