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We know what you’re thinking; a September issue? Isn’t that something to do with magazines? Do schuh do a magazine now? In a word, no. But in celebration of the legendary September issue of our favourite fashion publications, we thought we’d treat you to our own online version throughout this month.

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There’s something so special about this time of year. Whilst the number of daylight hours begin to diminish, a new season begins to bloom, illuminated by the sparkle and shimmer Autumn/Winter brings. Included in this glimmer, are the bright lights of London Fashion week, which we’ll check out from the footwear up. But what makes all light appear so bright? A backdrop of darkness. In AW fashion terms, this means balancing your glittery accents with a palette of dark tones in suede and leather textures; which is why we’ve answered your style woes with our How to Style Over-The-Knee Boots 3 Ways post. And because fashion has a tendency to go against the grain, we’ll take a look at The Minimalist Movementwhich completely contrasts in appearance to the classic AW opulent aesthetic.

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