Whether you’ve vowed to cut down on your social media addiction, go on a month’s detox, boost the gym or travel more, one thing’s for sure; you’re not alone in your New Year’s resolution pledges. And whilst we’re 100% sure you’ll never allow chocolate to find its way into your belly again, why not add another super realistic intention to your list and join us with a schuh Year’s resolution?

What on earth is that, I hear you ask? Well, it’s a fairly simple concept; we reckon the easiest (and best) way to give your style a switch up for 2015 is by starting from the feet up – you know, take more risks with your shoes and the rest will follow. If you’re still not quite with us, let our shoe-obsessed staff members bring you up to speed with their own schuh Year’s resolutions:

schuh wanted flats in metallic gold for women with white sole

Go for gold in 2015

Who: Eleanor

schuh Year’s resolution: To take more risks with my style. Especially if that involves shiny gold shoes, they’re fab!

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dr martens mens barnie chukka boots in black leather

Adam’s coming round to accepting the idea of smart shoes…slowly

Who: Adam

schuh Year’s resolution: To ditch the sneakers and wear more formal shoes.

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schuh uptown womens studded heels in black

Behold, the high heels of Aileen’s dreams

Who: Aileen

schuh Year’s resolution: To be more daring! I rarely wear high-heels and I want to wear them more, that’s why I picked the Uptown.

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Don’t be shy of your new look, Neil.

Who: Neil

schuh Year’s resolution: To mix it up a bit more and steer away from the tried and tested white pumps or runners and channel my inner hiker.

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Hopefully that makes things a little clearer and we don’t come across as too fanatic about footwear. But if we do…soznotsoz.

What’s your schuh Year’s resolution? Check out what’s new in our men’s and women’s ranges and share your pick on one of the many social media platforms we’re on (it’s probably best you don’t go cold turkey on that addiction anyhow).