UGG Cozy Knit Grey Slippers by the Christmas tree - Slippers Tried and Tested

Ever felt reluctant to get out of your slippers and into your shoes? Most days? Yeah, us too. Now that the cold weather is upon us, the struggle to step out of our cosy kicks is even more real. Seeing as it’s not really acceptable to wear your slippers to work, it seems logical that you shouldn’t be wasting your time on bad slippers when you can wear them. We’ve put a selection of our favourites through their paces to create a handy slippers tried and tested guide, so you can forget squished down soles and freezing cold toes.


UGG Australia Scuffette slipper in tan sheepskin
Most people are probably guilty of running to the corner shop, or going to put the bins out in their slippers. Yes, slippers are made for keeping you cosy indoors, but sometimes changing shoes just seems like a little too much effort. There was a clear winner in this category – the UGG Scufette in tan. Wear long enough trousers and these could easily be mistaken for a classic UGG boot. They’ve got a pretty sturdy non-slip rubber sole too, which is an added bonus.


TOMS House slipper in black and white fair isle style knit


UGG Cozy Knit slippers in grey cable
If you’ve not heard of Hygge you’re missing out. It’s a Danish way of life that is usually translated to mean ‘cosiness’. It’s a whole lot more than that, but think warm knitted blankets, log fires, candle-light, hot drinks and friends and family all gathered round. That’s so Hygge. It’s a tie for this category between the TOMS House Slipper in Fair Isle print, and the UGG Grey Cozy Knitted Slippers. You could imagine both as a warm, scandi-chic jumper or blanket. Also, a big part of Hygge is about being nice to yourself and to others – be nice to yourself by splashing out on the UGG beauties, or be nice to others with TOMS who help someone in need with every pair you purchase.

Movement and Athletic Ability

Homeys Caru slipper in all-over heart print


Image showing grippy sole of Homeys Caru slipper


It’s the ad-break of your favourite show and you need to sprint ten metres to the kitchen to stick the kettle on. We would recommend a Nike Pegasus or Reebok Classic for these sorts of pursuits, but unfortunately they don’t have the cosy linings needed to make the cut. The Homeys heart-covered Caru came out on top. A complete foot covering and nice, snug fit topped off with grippy soles for assistance if you need to quickly go round a corner on a wooden floor meant we were sold.

Too Cool For Your Nan

TOMS House Slipper in light grey with pink and metallic detailing
If we’re throwing around stereotypes, then it’s safe to say that Nanas love slippers. Chances are you’ve come home at Christmas time to find that your lovely Granny has nabbed yours. Bold Pink and Silvery Grey – bit out there, probably too cool for your Nan. The TOMS light grey House Slippers definitely take this category. Pick these up and your slippers will be yours to keep.

Instagram Potential

UGG Cozy Knit Grey Slippers by the fireplace

If you can’t get a good Instagram shot out of something, is it even worth buying? When you’re having a #CosyNightIn or are #FeelingFestive, you’re going to want to tell people about it, so you need slippers that are going to look good in a perfect flat-lay, or a candid fire-side snap. It might be the perfect cable knit, the premium feel or the plush sheepskin lining, but the UGG Grey Cozy Knitted Slippers scream Insta-Likes. Trust us, you’ll be serving serious #SlipperGoals in these.

And the winner is… the UGG Grey Cozy Knitted Slippers. With their Hygge vibes, these are perfect for making you the envy of your entire Instagram feed while keeping your feet toasty and looking good. Just look at that candid fireside shot. The slippers just fell off my feet that way ready to be snapped. In all honesty though, we couldn’t find bad stuff to say about any of these styles, so take your pick.