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If you thought the adidas Superstar had peaked already, think again. There’s no question that it’s the trainer of 2015. Still the trainer of choice among some of our favourite celebs and street style icons, there are endless ways to wear them. Here we look at some stylish looks for guys and girls. Read on for styling inspiration.

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Soft Tailoring
Pair them with a soft tailored trouser in black or navy for a smarter look. High waisted and belted is good, but if you want to go all 90s-slouchy-All-Saints-vibes then that’ll work too. Make a bold statement in the black and white Superstar 2.

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Image credit: My Dubio

Layer It Up
The weather’s been less than desirable, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dress for the summer we should be enjoying. Layer up a light cotton dress with an over shirt or oversized jacket, then round off with your Superstars for a cool and chic off duty look. A light scarf can add a splash of colour too and be knotted around your bag if it does heat up.

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Image credit: Ameli Yordanova

The Maxi Dress
The maxi is every girl’s best friend. It suits all body shapes, works for all occasions and even petite girls (like myself, I’m 5”2) can pull one off. Add a pair of Superstars and give any maxi dress an edge. Top it off with a biker jacket and you’ll be the coolest girl around for miles.


Image credit: A Saga Da Bota

Mom Jeans
The popularity of the skinny jeans is waning; I mean did you see that poor girl who ended up in hospital because of hers? (Don’t throw them out though, they’ll be back.) Health risks aside, the baggy comfort fit of a mom jean looks super stylish with heels or trainers. Pair your all white Superstars with them for a failsafe weekend look.


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Image credit: Wil Chaves

Slim Fit Jeans
Skinny jeans for guys don’t need to be sprayed on; but if that’s how you like to wear them then don’t let us stop you. The perfect fit in our eyes, is a nice soft denim, that’s a little bunched up in places. more of a relaxed slim fit. Perfect for teaming with your Superstars any day of the week. A Breton striped top is always a good idea.


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Image credit: closet freaks blog

Casual Chinos
A casual chino is something that can be every man’s best friend (yes, even you denimheads) and one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. Dress them up or down to suit your needs, and of course, they look great with Superstars. Roll them up a little to create some texture and help you feel less preppy if that bothers you.


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Image credit: Dena

Me and my adidas do the illest things…
A post on the Superstar wouldn’t be complete without a nod to hip hop legends Run DMC. The New York hip hop trio were early adopters of the Superstar, eventually getting their own custom design, and writing a song about them. They wore them without laces and the tongues pushed out and naturally, the hip hop world took note. Plus, that head-to-toe navy with heavy chains is a strong look.

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